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Phishing Campaigns

We inform you about the development of e-mail phishing campaigns, which target the customers of some banks in Romania and which aim to obtain data related to the cards / credentials of connection to the Internet Banking platform, which will later be used by attackers in order to carry out fraudulent transactions.
How this type of attack works:
The message comes from an address unrelated to the respective bank, from various domains (for example: etc.) and is sent under the pretext that the bank has noticed unsuccessful attempts to connect to the Internet Banking account, the attackers trying to cause potential victims to access the link in the message and enter their card details or Internet Banking account.
In order to protect against these types of fraud, we remind you that:
- The bank will never ask its customers to send personal data by phone, SMS, e-mail or social networks;
- The bank will never ask its customers for pictures of bank cards, PIN codes and other data through unsecured channels;
- Any request to send data via electronic channels, received from the Bank, comes in response to requests received from you, using the official website or e-mail addresses of the Bank.
Also, taking into account the information provided above, we recommend that you apply the following precautionary measures:
- Be careful when handling any email you receive that contains attachments or links;
- Do not open any attachments / links inside e-mails received from an unknown, suspicious or untrusted sender;
- Delete these messages together with the attachments immediately, then empty the "Trash" or "Deleted Items" folder of the email client;
- Do not send this type of e-mail to other recipients;
- Do not disclose personal or financial information in e-mails and do not respond to requests for e-mail for such information;
If you have been the victim of such an attack, we recommend that you take the following measures immediately:
- Immediately report this situation to the bank and request the blocking and reissue of the card / blocking of the existing Internet Banking user and the definition of a new user (depending on the nature of the data entered), so as to avoid fraudulent transactions on your account.
- If you have already suffered material damage, file a complaint with the Police and fill in the refusal form for payment at the bank.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank guarantees its customers the permanent security of Internet transactions and full confidentiality of information. Internet Banking, cards, value-added services, Call Center meet the specific technical standards to ensure customers an advanced level of protection and information security. Beyond security measures provided by the bank, it is important that each client takes their own personal data security and protection measures, such as the protection of the devices used (phone, tablet, laptop, computer).

For security of transactions and to prevent any attempts of fraud, we recommend that you take into account the Bank's recommendations included in the attached documents before making any online transactions.

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