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Accounts mobility

You have accounts with more banks but you only use one? You can carry out all transactions through the account opened with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and have a wide range of benefits, if you choose the accounts mobility service.
Accounts mobility is dedicated to customers who want to change the bank for payment services or to have all payment services at one bank only and is applied only between the banks member. You can check the list of banks member on ARB website.

What advantages do you have?

Free support in the communication with the previous bank for transferring your balance from your previous account into your new account, as well as the associated payment services.   
We’re offering you the possibility to choose Intesa Sanpaolo Bank as point of contact for the transfer of the current account from your previous bank and it is not necessary for you to also contact that bank.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank will cooperate with your previous bank so that the direct debit, standing order, payment orders issued for a future date and the balance of the current accounts in lei, will be quickly and safely transferred to Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.
You will save money and time, and you will have nothing to worry about.

You just have to fill out the form Authorisation to switch payments account, and we will work with the old bank so as to migrate your accounts as quickly as possible.

For more details please see Current Account Mobility Guide.


This service is available for current accounts opened with any bank from Romania. If your accounts with the old bank are in a foreign currency that is not in the offer of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank or you have other products associated to the current account (for example, loan, credit card, deposit) you must contact that bank and request it to close such accounts or liquidate such products individually. These will not be transferred. 


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