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Trade finance

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Various types of internal and external factoring, with or without the bank taking over the risk of non-payment
  • Turn bills with term payment into immediate liquidity
  • Obtain discounts from suppliers, by advance payment
  • For agreed debtors, without increase the degree of indebtedness

Letter of guarantees

An irrevocable bank’s commitment to pay provided a demand is submitted according to the terms and conditions of the letter of guarantee
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  • Different types of letters depending on what purpose they are issued
  • It doesn't represent the main payment mechanism

Letter of credit

An instrument specific used both by exporters and importers to guarantee payment only under the terms and conditions of the letter of credit
  • Uniform Rules and Norms 600 Publication (UCP 600)
  • The most secure payment instruments for importers and exporters

Conditional payments

Our conditional payment services keep your payments secure by allowing them only after fulfilment of the documentary requirements in the related instrument
  • No formalities

Documentary Collection

The best payment method when your business partners have a trade history
  • Uniform Rules for Receipts Publication 522 (URC522)
  • Instrument appropriate if you have trade history with your partners


CONFIRMING is a digital Reverse Factoring solution, transactions are carried out through the platform provided by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.
  • The exporter may choose to cash invoices before the due date
  • Operations are carried out via Confirming Platform
  • Italian customers or customers of Intesa Sanpaolo Group subsidiaries
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