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Cookies Policy


The www.intesasanpaolobank.ro website uses cookies, both its own and third-party cookies. These are used to create a better browsing experience and to deliver services tailored to users' needs and interests. Cookies are used to improve the user's online experience

What is a "cookie"?

A cookie is a small file of letters and/or numbers that will be stored on a user's computer, mobile device or other equipment from which the Internet is accessed.

More information about cookies can be found here:

What kinds of cookies do we use?

  • Strictly necessary cookies
  • Analytics and performance cookies
  • Advertising cookies

Strictly necessary (functional) cookies
Necessary cookies are technical cookies that help make a website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Analytics and performance cookies
Statistical (analytics and performance) cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the website. We measure the number of visits, the number of pages visited and visitor activity (e.g. most visited pages) on our website and how often users return to the website. Refusing to use these cookies does not impact the functioning of our website.

Advertising cookies (targeting)
Advertising cookies are used to better understand the interests of visitors (primarily by understanding how they use our website) and to show relevant ads on partner websites. Refusing to use these cookies does not impact the functioning of our website.


Cookie Name  Tip  Provider Decription Duration To whom the data is transferred
Public portal          
_gcl_au Analytics Google Provided by Google Tag Manager to experiment with the advertising effectiveness of websites using their services. 3 months https://policies.google.com/privacy
_ga Analytics Used by Google Analytics to identify the user 2 years
_gid Analytics Used by Google Analytics to identify the user 1 day
_cs_id Analytics Contentsquare Stores the ContentSquare user ID 1 year&1 month https://contentsquare.com/privacy-policy/
_cs_s Analytics Used by Facebook to identify browsers in order to provide advertising and site analytics services 30 minutes
_fbp Analytics Facebook Used by Facebook to identify browsers in order to provide advertising and site analytics services 3 months https://www.facebook.com/policy/cookies
_cs_c Functional Contentsquare
Used by Content Square to save user consent to be tracked

1 year & 1 month https://contentsquare.com/privacy-policy/
_gat-* Functional Google Used by Google Analytics to limit the number of requests to be made to doubleclick.net without storing any user information 1 minute https://policies.google.com/privacy
cookie_status_bar  Functional   Used to control whether the cookie banner should be displayed to the user 1 year & 1 month  
gdpr_cookie_consent  Functional   Used to store categories of cookies that should be allowed selected via the cookie banner 1 year & 1 month  
JSESSIONID  Functional   Used by web application to track sessions sessions  
Digical Internet Banking          
JESSSIONID Functional   A session ID is a unique number that a website's server assigns to identify a particular user for the duration of that user's viday (session). sessions  
localeCookieISPRO Functional   Used for language selection 1 month  
ROUTEID Functional   Used to identify the session server which ensures that requests from the same user are directed to the same serv sessions  
X-CSRF-Token Functional   Application forgery token on websites is used to help prevent CSRF attacks sessions  
DASESSION Functional   The digital purchase session ID is a unique number that a website's server assigns to identify a specific user during that user's vidayta (session). 8 hours  

Disabling cookies
If you do not want our website to use cookies, you can disable them via the settings provided in the footer of the website by going to the ''Cookie settings'' option. Changing the settings can be done at any time from any page of www.intesasanpaolobank.ro, depending on what you want: to withdraw your consent or to give your consent (again).
If you do not make a cookie choice, no advertising and/or analytics and performance cookies will be set and the banner will be displayed each time you visit our website. 
The cookie setting window helps you manage your cookie preferences, including giving consent. Using this tool you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at any time (except for strictly necessary cookies, without which the website would not work, as they are set by default). 
Once saved, cookie settings should apply to your future visits to our website. However, for technical reasons beyond our control, this cannot be guaranteed. For example, if you reset your browser, delete cookies or access the website from a different browser or device, your cookie settings may be lost. In order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, the Bank requires you to confirm your cookie settings when you first visit our website. Also, if you are in a country that automatically requires cookies to be set, you may be asked to reset them again the next time you visit the website.
In addition, you can set cookies in the browser you use, for example Google Chrome; Microsoft Edge; Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Apple Safari. The specific features of the browser used and instructions for use can usually be found in the "options", "preferences" menu, manual or "help" section of the browser.

Protection of personal data
For more information about the protection of personal data and your rights, please read our Information Notice on the Protection of Personal Data.

Date of last update: 01.04.2023 (This document changes periodically, so please consult it regularly).


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