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Cookies Policy


Our website, intesasanpaolobank.ro, uses cookies to personalize content and ads, for offering social networks functionalities and for traffic analysis.

What is a "cookie"?

Cookies are small text files that are placed and stored on your computer, smartphone - or any other device designed for accessing the internet - when you visit a website. Cookies can enable an internet site to recognise you, log when you visit a particular page, provide a secure connection to a website and enhance your user experience by improving your browsing comfort and adapting the content of a page to your areas of interest.

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What kinds of cookies do we use?

  • Necessary
  • Analytical
  • Tracking and advertising

Necessary cookies

These cookies ensure the operation of our website, therefore their use is necessary to enable you to browse our website. These cookies will be automatically deleted from your computer upon terminating your current session or closing your browser.

Analytical cookies

Analytical Cookies intend to collect website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors and used to customise our website to our visitors’ requirement. We measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the activity of the visitors (e.g. pages and headings most frequently consulted) on our website and how often visitors return. Refusing these cookies has no impact on the use of our site. 

Tracking and advertising cookies

These cookies allow us to better understand your interests (namely by understanding your browsing activity on our website) and showing you personalized advertisements customized to your areas of interest.  Refusing these cookies has no impact on the use of our site. 

Disabling cookies

If you do not want our site to use cookies, we can disable them at any time through the settings provided in the site's footer, by accessing the "Cookie settings" options. Changing the settings can be done from any page of intesasanpaolobank.ro.

Personal data protection

To find out more about personal data protection, please read the Information Notice on the Protection of Personal Data.


Page last updated on 24.02.2021

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