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Now you can pay your shopping only by phone or smartwatch, simple, easy, secure.
google pay
Google Pay Main Features
  • Pay directly with your phone or any Android device, contactless or online, quickly and securely by enrolling your Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Visa Inspire or Visa Gold Inspire debit card into Google Wallet.
  • This way you avoid touching POS buttons or paying in cash and you don't have to worry about always taking your card with you. It's simply enrolled in your Google Wallet.
How to use it
How do I enroll my card in Google Wallet?
Download the Google Wallet app from the Play Store
Add your Visa Inspire or Visa Gold Inspire debit card by pressing the "+ Add to Wallet" button
Select the option "GPay - Payment Card"
Enter your card details and follow the instructions displayed in the application
At the end you receive a message confirming your enrollment in Google Wallet

How do I pay using Google Wallet?

Very simple! 
Just open your Android device with NFC enabled and authenticate using the methods set, then bring your phone close to the POS terminal. 
To make payments in mobile apps or on the internet, simply select Google Pay as the payment method when available and confirm the transaction using the authentication method set on your mobile device, without having to enter your card details.
An important point to be able to make payments at merchants: enable Google Pay as the default payment method in your device settings (e.g. Settings/ Connections/ NFC/ Contactless payments -> select the Google Pay option).

How much does it cost?

It's free! All you need is a Visa Inspire or Visa Gold Inspire debit card issued by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and a compatible Android device.

Cards assistance

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