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From 26.06.2023 this service is no longer available for new clients. If you already have it, you can choose to keep it, or you can switch to a new experience with Digital Mobile & Internet Banking.

Your money, always with you

From any device

You just need a browser and the Intesa mToken app

Brunch Exchange online

Exchange online at NBR rate from and to EUR max 1.500 EUR/day*

You are in control

You ckeck latest transactions, make transfers and payments

What you get

  • Reduced commissions compared to those applied at the bank's counter
  • You can check the balance, account statement and details of the products held;
  • Enjoy Instant Payments Service 
  • You can see the foreign exchange rates and make foreign exchange. Have you heard of Brunch Exchange?
  • You set transactional limits for your cards
  • Inter and intrabanking payments in Lei and foreign currency
  • Payments in Lei to beneficiaries with accounts opened at foreign banks
  • Utility payments
  • Open / close term deposits
  • Open an accumulation plan
  • Open a current account in a currency for which you do not have a current account
  • Standing Order

Brunch Exchange

Brunch Exchange allows you to make currency exchanges at NBR exchange rate, between your own accounts opened at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank .Thus, up to the equivalent of EUR 1,500 * per day, you can make foreign exchange  LEI/EUR & EUR/LEI, at NBR exchange rate valid on the date of the foreign exchange.

The offer is available from Monday to Friday, on working days, between 10:00 and 12:00, and applies only to foreign exchanges made through the Internet Banking service.

*Currency exchanges exceeding the equivalent of EUR 1,500/day shall be carried out at the bank's standard exchange rate applicable on that day. 

plati instant

Instant Payments

  • Bank transfer in lei, in Romania. Money arrives in less than 10 seconds, 24/7
  • Maximum value: 50,000 lei/Instant Payment
  • Payments can only be initiated from Internet Banking (choose the Instant Payment option)

List of banks participating in the Instant Payments system, along with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. 

For cost information pelase acces the Start List of Costs


Although starting from 16.03.2023, ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam, Bucharest Branch is a participant of the Instant Payments scheme for payments in lei, for technical reasons it does not currently ensure the accessibility and crediting of funds within the time limit of a few seconds for the accounts belonging to customers in the Large Corporate Customers segment (e.g. utility providers, service providers, multinational companies).

NOTE!  If you order a payment to a beneficiary who holds accounts at ING Bank and who is classified as Large Corporate Clients, the payment will be rejected by ING Bank. Please also check if you notice that your payment has been rejected on the Instant Payments settlement circuit, re-initiate the Payment Order to be processed through the regular interbank settlement circuit so that it is not ordered as an Instant Payment.

If you order a payment to a beneficiary who has accounts with ING Bank and who is not included in the category of Large Corporate Clients, the payment will reach its destination in a few seconds.


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Intesa mToken

To access Internet Banking you only need the username provided by us at service activation and the Intesa mToken smartphone application used for authentication code generation and transaction approval. Intesa mToken installation and usage manual

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