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Accumulation Plan

Your savings grow at the same time with your family

Guarantee for your future

In perfect safety

Saved money are guaranteed by the Deposits Guarantee Fund


Minimum saved monthly amount of 150 Lei/ 100 Eur


You can withdraw saved money whenever you want

The safe choice

You always have a money reserve protected by the Banking Deposits Guarantee Fund.

You choose the currency (LEI or EUR), the monthly amount to save, period of saving and you can withdraw money from the Accumulation Plan whenever you want.

About the Accumulation Plan

  • Opening fee  ZERO
  • Management fee  ZERO
  • Monthly statement fee  ZERO
  • Bonus interest, if your saving plan continues after 1 year
  • Currency  LEI or EUR
  • Minimum monthly amount to save  150 LEI / 100 EUR
  • Maximum monthly amount to save  10.000 LEI / 2.500 EUR

What else you need to know about the Accumulation Plan

  • Any resident or non-resident person can open it
  • The account can be opened in the name of underaged and can be linked, as additional saving source, to the child allowance collection service

In order to place funds into the Accumulation Plan you must open a current account, in the same currency as the Accumulation Plan. Funds are placed automatically on the day you choose (the 5th or 25th day of each month).


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