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Instant Payments

through Digical Mobile & Internet Banking the money arrives quickly direct in the recipient's account

Enjoy the benefits of Instant Payments:

Pay or receive money in real time, in Romania, up to 50.000 Lei

Anytime, any hour, 24h/day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year

The recipient has instant access to the funds received

Fast interbank payment method with maximum security

List of banks participating in the Instant Payments system, alongside Intesa Sanpaolo Bank: Banca Transilvania, CEC Bank, Libra Internet Bank, BCR, Vista Bank, Patria Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, BRD, ING Bank, Alpha Bank.

Please note that although ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam, Bucharest Branch is a participant of the Instant Payments scheme for payments in lei, for technical reasons it does not provide for the moment the accessibility and crediting of funds within the time limit of a few seconds for accounts belonging to customers in the Corporate Customers segment (e.g. utility providers, service providers, multinational companies).

ATTENTION! If you make a payment to a beneficiary who holds accounts with ING Bank and is classified as a Corporate Customer, the payment will be processed as a normal payment. You can check the processing of your Instant Payments in Digical - Section Payments/Payment List.

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