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Loans for local or multinational companies

Choose from our wide range of financing solutions designed for local or multinational companies.

Benefits for your business

Consultanță specializată

Specialiștii noștri vă stau la dispoziție

Customized to your need

Financing in lei, euro or dollars, but also multicurrency

Tailor made financing

Financing adapted to your business needs

Do you want to grow your business?

Financing sollutions for better business

Working capital

Credit facilities for your working capital.
  • Our specialists are available for you
  • You can choose Lei, Euro, USD but also multicurency

IMM Invest

Along Romanian Companies also in 2021 in IMM Invest program and in AGRO IMM Invest subprogram
  • 0% interest for a period of 8 months from the first use of the loan
  • 72 months maximum grant period
  • The state guarantees up to 90% of the loan amount
IMM invest

Investment loans

We provide medium and long-term loans to help your business grow.
  • Short and long term loans
  • Reimbursement as negociated reimbursement graphic
  • according to negociated reimbursment plan

Financial Leasing

Vehicle, equipment and machinery leasing.
  • The asset immediately available, no blocking of the entire amount
  • Leasing offer with customized financing conditions
  • insurance, goods purchase support, registration operations
leasing financiar

Structure Finance

Our in-depth understanding of your business development plans is a sound base for long-term partnerships
  • Acquisition and Public Finance
  • Finance for strategical projects from different fields
  • Large-scale projects aimed at investment initiatives
structure finance

EBI loans

Advantageous financing solutions though the agreement concluded with European Bank of Investments (EBI).
  • Financing agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Loans for public entities- investments
  • but also for working capital
credite banca europeana investitii

InnovFin loans

If you want to invest in innovation, we offer financing through InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility program.
  • Reduced interest rate if you are already our client
  • Up to 25 mil. Euro or Lei equivalent
  • Our specialists are available for you
credite innovfin

Agricultural loans

Financing package designed to meet your farming needs.
  • Loans for pre-financing the APIA grant
  • Loan for investments, PNDR co-financing
  • Investments loans for agricultural equipment

Customer support services available 24/24

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