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Choose the payment acceptance solution through POS terminals offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

Benefits for your business

Works with any type of bank card

Visa / Mastercard with chip or contactless


Allows payments both in Lei and Euro


A modern and performant service

What you get

We believe that efficiency and simplicity are of essence, and once you have your POS terminals delivered you’ll benefit of a full package of services:

  • installation (transport to the company’s establishment, trial run and commissioning) and maintenance of terminals by a specialised company
  • transaction authorisation 24/7
  • free phone technical support for transactions
  • training provided to the trader’s operating staff
  • supply of self-adhesive signs for acceptance of Visa and Mastercard cards, and the necessary consumables for the use of POS terminals (thermal paper rolls)

Higher sales

The POS terminals offer your significant benefits that contribute to your business development:

  • Higher sales thanks to attracting new customers
  • Payment by instalments for the Mastercard cards that have this functionality included
  • Building customer loyalty, by offering additional benefits within promotional campaigns organised by Visa and Mastercard
  • Fast and efficient management of receipts – costs related to security, management and transport are reduced
  • Security – removal of the risks of fraud, fake money or theft
  • Simplifying daily and monthly reconciliation of receipts


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