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Investment loans

We provide medium and long-term loans to help your business grow.

Benefits for your business

Adaptable to your needs

Short and long term loans

Customized reimbursement

Reimbursement as negociated reimbursement graphic

Personalizaed reimbursment

according to negociated reimbursment plan

What types of investments are eligible?

  • Purchase of buildings and land
  • Building, rehabilitation, modernisation, consolidation, extension of a buildings, land development
  • Purchase of equipment, plant, installations, means of transport, development or refurbishment of production lines and other similar assets, including the provision of the related utilities required
  • Refinancing investments made before

How will loans be repaid?

Depending on the cashflow from sales or according to some negotiated schedules so as your current activity can be carried out in good conditions.


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