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Agricultural loans

Financing package designed to meet your farming needs.

Benefits for your business

APIA grant

Loans for pre-financing the APIA grant


Loan for investments, PNDR co-financing

investment loans

Investments loans for agricultural equipment

Designed to meet your faming needs

We work with large entities active in this sector, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) etc.

  • Credit line -  for your current expenses (seeds, fuel, consumables, machinery maintenance etc)
  • Loans prefinancing APIA subsidy -  short or medium -term loans, granted pursuant to certificates issued by APIA in various programmes and in accordance with the conditions of each programme
  • Good Farmer loan -  for current activity depending on the amounts previously obtained from APIA subsidies
  • Investment loan for Agricultural Equipment -  for the purchase of machinery, equipment
  • Loan for the Purchase of Farm Land -  finances the purchase of farm land
  • Investment loan co-financed by the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR) -  for medium-term investments in projects eligible according to PNDR


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