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Open Banking API

Information for Third Parties Processors

What you get

Our customers have the opportunity to access their accounts opened with Intesa Sanpaolo Romania, using the services provided by  TPP - Third Party Service Providers. These services are available to all Intesa Sanpaolo Romania customers, users of the I-B@nk service.
TPPs, other than Intesa Sanpaolo Romania, are entities authorized by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) or for which the competent authorities in the EU have notified the NBR that they are authorized to provide payment services in Romania

What do we offer?

- Free access for TPP Enrollment and APIs testing within Intesa SanPaolo portal https://isbd.openbanking.intesasanpaolo.com/ro/home
- APIs for account information services and payment initiation
- TPP Support for testing APIs of account information services and payment initiation
- Collaboration opportunities for the development of Open Banking services


Customer support services available 24/24