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Letters of credit

Documentary credit is an instrument specific of international trade that both exporters and importers use to guarantee payment only under the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

What are the main types of letters of credit and transactions?

  • Irrevocable letters of credit that can be used by payment at sight or at a later date, acceptance or negotiation
  • Transferable irrevocable revolving letters of credit
  • Confirmations of export letters of credit

Letters of guarantee

Letters of guarantee are an irrevocable bank’s commitment to pay provided a demand is submitted according to the terms and conditions of the letter of guarantee.

The most usual types of bank guarantees we provide are:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Payment Guarantees
  • Performance Bonds
  • Advance Payment Guarantees (for advance received under a commercial contract)
  • Credit Facilities Guarantees
  • Customs and Duty Guarantees
  • Counter-guarantees - as support for issuing letters of guarantee

However, depending on your business particularities we can also offer other types of letters, in the form of credit lines.

Conditional payments

Our conditional payment services keep your payments secure by allowing them only after fulfilment of the documentary requirement/ requirements in the related instrument.

  • Payment is made only once the conditions in the instrument are fulfilled
  • Fast and easy to use
  • No complicated formalities

Documentary collection

Documentary collection proves to be the best payment method when your business partners have a trade history.

Your business smooth operation depends on your business partners reliability and transparency and here we can help you. We’ll manage the accounting/ financial documents following your instructions and in line with your interests.


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