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Payments and collection

We support your current business management providing you efficient services to receive and make payments.

What you get

Receive and make payments

You can make payments in Lei and foreign currency from your current account in our branches or using the Internet Banking application. Receipts and payments are processed according to the cut-off times for transaction processing.

Direct Debit

Moreover, if you monthly issue a significant number of invoices and you want to offer your company’s customers a simpler method of payment or you just want to pay your monthly utility invoices more easily, then choose the direct debit service from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

If you are a utility supplier, the direct debit service offers you the possibility to receive payment of issued invoices regardless the bank where the payer (the company’s subscriber/ customer) has the account opened. The bank can be Intesa Sanpaolo Bank or any other Romanian bank, if it has the required authorisations.

What benefits do you have through direct debit?

  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Efficient and more accurate estimate of the short-term cash-flow
  • Access to the amounts received on the due date
  • Low-cost method of receiving payments
  • Monthly reconciliation of the amounts received from subscribers is faster and easier 
  • Receiving fixed or variable amounts at fixed or variable intervals

The direct debit service is activated simply and fast:

  • You just sign an agreement and decide the structure of the electronic files to be communicated between your company and bank
  • before the due date you send to the bank the files containing the amounts payable by the subscribers who have direct debit mandates issued in favour of your company
  • the bank will automatically process these files and credit the company’s account

When you pay your utilities by direct debit, you will benefit of an automated and simple method of invoice payment, with no monthly administration fees.
The direct debit service is activated simply and fast by signing only one form-the direct debit mandate, and the bank will automatically pay the invoices from your company’s account into the utility supplier’s account. The details of the payment will be indicated in the monthly statement.
We’re waiting for you in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank units where a dedicated adviser will help you to activate the direct debit service!


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