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Visa Business Gold Card

Enjoy the premium options for all your plans, accessible through the Visa Gold Inspire LEI and EURO debit card.

Everything you need

visa inspire
Visa Inspire debit card
  • Contactless - Make your shopping time less efficient
  • International use - Performs any type of transaction both in Romania and abroad under the same conditions
  • The card allows access to a current account opened in RON, EUR
  • 3D Secure - Additional protection for online transactions


Now you have another reason to pay with your Visa Inspire card which benefits you through the SanoPass mobile app.

  • 10% cashback for all medical services and subscriptions offered through the Sanopass application
  • Free telemedicine services for 1 month
  • 3 fitness entries

Download the SanoPass app from the App Store or Google Play, sign up and access the Visa special offer.


See here more details.

Authorize online card payments through the Card mToken application

Authorize online Visa Inspire / Visa Business card payments directly from your phone with the new mToken Card app!

This app is a safe and handy alternative, faster and friendlier than the physical token, the one you should always have remember to take it with you to complete payments through 3D Secure. The two ways to confirm transactions work in parallel, so you can choose what is easier for you.

Read below to find out how to activate the application and how easy it is to authorize online payments made with the card. 

#1. #1. Download the Card mToken app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

cid:image004.png@01D6FE12.43CE0550        cid:image005.png@01D6FE12.43CE0550

#2. Activate the Card mToken application by calling free of charge from any telephone network in Romania the number 0800.800.888 or you can call the number valod also for abroad (regular tariff): 0040 372 712 194 to receive the necessary codes. It doesn't take long, and our colleagues are available to help you in case you have any questions or concerns about Card mToken. It is important to allow notifications sent by the application (Push type). 

You can now authorize card payments directly from your phone:

1. After entering the card details in the payment page you will be redirected to the 3D Secure page, as before. Here you choose the authorization through Card mToken.

2. You receive a notification on your mobile phone. You open it and approve the payment or if you change your mind, you cancel the transaction. You will see a confirmation message, then you can return to the store page and ready, you paid. If you did not receive the automatic notification or deleted it by mistake, you can access the mToken Card and see the transaction on the first screen.

Check below in the Documents and information section  the Card mToken User Guide to see all the steps for signing transactions.

Good to know - for your safety, the signing will be done only after authentication in the application with fingerprint, FaceID or PIN code set when activating the mToken Card. The transaction has a 10-minute signing deadline - after this time, if it is not confirmed or canceled, we will cancel it automatically. 



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Semnează digital!

Dacă ești deja clientul băncii, acum poți semna cu semnătura electronică anumite documente, direct din aplicație, fără să mai pierzi timp cu drumul până la bancă. 

În plus nu este necesar să deții o semnătura electronică calificată emisă pe termen lung, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank îți poate emite un certificate disposable (one-off), valabil 60 min, fără nici un cost suplimentar pentru tine. 

Afla mai multe detalii. 

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