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Special offer - Plus

Card, current account, internet banking and transfers with ZERO FEES in the first 6 months, if you transfer or have incomings of at least 2.000 Lei into your account during the campaign.

Everything you need

Free payments to EC countries

ZERO fees for electronic interbank payments in EUR to EC (SEPA)

ZERO cash withdrawal fee

Free cash withdrawal from any ATM in Romania&Intesa Sanpaolo worldwide

Free payments

ZERO fees for online interbanking payments <50.000 Lei

Brunch Exchange through Internet Baking

Exchange at NBR rate from and to EUR, USD, GBP, max 1.500 EUR/day*

Welcome offer

Become a client!

Open your first current account until 30.06.2021 and get ZERO FEES during the first 24 months for the services you use most often:

  • current account
  • debt card
  • internet banking
  • electronic interbanking payments < 50.000 LEI
  • electronic interbanking in EUR to European Community countries (SEPA)
Terms and Conditions
0 Lei / month
    • Monthly management fee for current accounts in Lei and Euro 4 Lei / month
    • Monthly management fee Internet Banking 2 Eur/ month equiv.
    • Issuing fee for Visa Inspire LEI debit card 15 Lei
    • Fee for ATM withdrawals from any bank in Romania 0,50% + 2,5 Lei
    • Fee for electronic interbank payments in foreign currency - SEPA transfer 5 Lei

What you get

  • Monthly management fee for current accounts in Lei and Euro  ZERO
  • Monthly management fee Internet Banking  ZERO
  • Issuance and monthly management fee for main Visa Inspire in Lei debit card  ZERO
  • Cash withdrawal fee from any ATM in Romania  ZERO
  • Cash withdrawal fee from any Intesa Sanpaolo Bank ATM from abroad (Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Egypt), CEC Bank or Euronet  ZERO
  • Discounted fee for cash withdrawal from Intesa Sanpaolo branches (% from withdrawn amount)  0,30%
  • Fee for interbanking payments in Lei through Internet Banking < 50.000 Lei  ZERO
  • Fee for interbanking payments in Lei through Internet Banking >= 50.000 Lei  5 Lei
  • Fee for interbanking transfers in Eur through Internet Banking - transfers to European Community countries (SEPA)  ZERO
  • Payments in Eur to European Community countries (SEPA) made in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania branches  1,5 Eur
  • Fee for Lei and foreign currency incomings  ZERO
  • Fee for in-branch cash deposit  ZERO


*The offer is valid for 24 months after current account opening and the monthly transactional offer management fee is zero only if you transfer or have incomings of at least 2.000 lei into your Intesa Sanpaolo accounts. Otherwise, the management fee of the transactional offer is 12 LEI/ month. The offer is valid until 30.06.2021.

Brunch Exchange

Brunch Exchange allows you to make currency exchanges at NBR exchange rate, between your own accounts opened at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank .Thus, up to the equivalent of EUR 1,500 * per day, you can make foreign exchange between LEI, EUR, USD and GBP, at NBR exchange rate valid on the date of the foreign exchange.

The offer is available from Monday to Friday, on working days, between 11:00 and 13:00, and applies only to foreign exchanges made through the Internet Banking service.

*Currency exchanges exceeding the equivalent of EUR 1,500/day shall be carried out at the bank's standard exchange rate applicable on that day. Foreign exchange between foreign currencies (e.g. EUR/ USD) is reported to LEI and calculated at the BNR exchange rate for those currencies.


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loan offer

Smaller instalments

Lower interest rates for personal needs loans, house loans and overdraft if you transfer your salary in an Intesa Sanpaolo account.
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