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Transactional Offer - Premium

Gold card, Mobile&Internet Banking, electronic payments or in branches with ZERO COMMISSIONS, if you receive or deposit cash at least 4000 lei per month and make an electronic or card payment

Everything you need

Brunch Exchange online

Exchange online at NBR rate from and to EUR max 1.500 EUR/day*

ZERO cash withdrawal fee

Free cash withdrawals from any ATM in Romania and worldwide

ZERO Commission for Electronic Payments

Make free of charge electronic payments in RON and EURO to CE

Always in control

You get free of charge push alerts/notification

Trasactional Offer Plus

Become a client!

You have ZERO commissions for the services you use most often:

  • Current accounts in LEI and EUR
  • GOLD debit card in LEI
  • Digical Mobile&Internet banking
  • Push alerts/notifications
  • Electronic payments in LEI and in EUR to the EC
  • Payments in branches in LEI and in EUR to CE

If the turnover and payment conditions are not met, the cost of the package is 40 LEI / month. Check for more details

Terms and Conditions
0 Lei / month
  • Commission Types
    • Monthly management fee for current accounts in Lei and Euro 8 LEI
    • Monthly management fee Digical Mobile&Internet Banking 2 EURO equivalent
    • Issuing fee for Visa Gold Inspire LEI 15 LEI
    • Fee for ATM withdrawals from any bank in Romania 1% +7 LEI
    • Fee for electronic interbank payments in foreign currency - SEPA transfer 5 LEI
    • Fee for electronic interbank payments in LEI 5 LEI (< 50.000 LEI) 11 LEI (≥ 50.000 LEI)
    • Fee on paper interbank paper payments in LEI 15 LEI (< 50.000 LEI) 21 LEI (≥ 50.000 LEI)
    • Fee on interbank paper payments in EURO - SEPA Equivalent 15 LEI
    • Fee payments on intrabank paper in LEI 14 LEI
    • Fee for paper payments in foreign currency Equivalent 3 EURO
    • Comision plăţi pe suport hârtie intrabancare în valută echivalent 3 EURO

Brunch Exchange

Brunch Exchange allows you to make currency exchanges at NBR exchange rate, between your own accounts opened at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. Thus, up to the equivalent of EUR 1,500 * per day, you can make foreign exchange between LEI/EUR, EUR/LEI, LEI/USD and USD/LEI, at NBR exchange rate valid on the date of the foreign exchange.

The offer is available from Monday to Friday, on working days, between 10:00 and 12:00, and applies only to foreign exchanges made through Digical Mobile&Internet Banking.


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Bonus Annual Interest Rate for LEI Term Deposits

+0.25% for LEI Term Deposits open thorough branches, within 30 days of purchasing health insurance
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